Did French Montana Use Kim Kardashian As A Pawn To Cheat On Khloe? 

The sources claim French was hooking up with an attractive woman in Dubai, but tried to be seen quite frequently or photographed with Kim Kardashian-West to make it seem like he was behaving himself and not partying with any other women. Even though Montana tried to cover his tracks by using Kim, he was still reportedly spotted with the other secret pretty woman , according to International Business Times. When Kim returned home from the trip, she allegedly let the cat out of the bag, and told the Kardashians she had only spent a few seconds with Khloes boyfriend here and there. She claimed not to be with him hardly at all, but it is unclear whether Khloe took the incident seriously or is thinking her familys warning over. Khloe is still married to Lamar Odom, even though their divorce is still pending, and French Montana just finalized his own divorce. Montana reportedly told TMZ he was done with shelling out cash to ex-wives, especially since he paid almost $2 million to his last wife. I just settled a divorce and gave somebody money. No prenups. Considering the fact that Khloe Kardashian is reportedly worth $20 million , according to E! Online, she stands to lose a lot if the marriage didnt turn out to be the best decision she ever made.
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