Were Kim Kardashian’s Hospital Records Accessed? Cedars-Sinai Fires Six People Over Patient Privacy Breaches

Names of the patients whose records were accessed were not released, however, a hospital official states that 14 patient records were “inappropriately accessed” between June 18 and June 24, and that the patients have been notified of the breach. WATCH:Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy health scare CHP/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their daughter North West at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on June 15, just a few days before the incident occurred. Kardashian and West were not immediately available for comment. Four of those fired were employees of community physicians who have staff privileges at the hospital, one was a hospital medical assistant and one was an unpaid student research assistant. Three physicians violated hospital policy by giving out their hospital login information, which was subsequently used to access confidential patient records, according to the hospital. PHOTOS: Follow Kim and Kanye’s journey to proud parents Five of the fired workers looked at one record, and one worker looked at 14 records. The people involved will be permanently barred from access to the hospital’s records even if they eventually work for [read] other health providers, according to the hospital’s statement.
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Bruce Jenner and Brandon Jenner also get into a ping-pong showdown! WARNING!! THIS POST CONTAINS KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS 2013 SPOILERS. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED STOP READING NOW! – Rob Kardashian tried to tell Khloe and Kim that Lamar came up with the idea to start a porn company. He tells so many lies and stories that the two just laughed. Lamar probably never said anything close. When Kim and Kris went shopping Kim found out her house wont be ready for the baby. They couldnt get the permits in time and to push the date back by months. Now Kim has to look for a house to lease on Keeping Up with the Kardashians 2013. Kris wanted Kim to move into her house but Kim kind of wants to be on her own with her new family once the baby comes. Kris thinks Kim should live with her because it would less stress for Kim, but Kim thinks it would be more stressful. To ease some of her stress, Scott offered to help her put together her stroller. Kourtney wasnt happy that Scott was helping Kim because he never offers to help her.
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